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Sustainable & Responsible

Voyages Emile Weber resolutely looks ahead to the future and intends to pursue its social policy by adopting a sustainable, ecological, and responsible approach. A key part of our company’s philosophy lies in innovation and the environment. Our fleet complies with the strictest pollution standards in the European Union. This ideology is put into practice at all Voyages Emile Weber’s infrastructures, and in particular at our Grade-A low-energy administrative building with its vehicle cleaning station fitted with a rainwater collection tank, or at our workshops heated using heat from the painting booths etc. Our staff’s working conditions are also of utmost importance, so we created spacious and comfortable sanitary facilities and living areas, whilst designing the building as a whole for wheelchair access. Voyages Emile Weber has played a pioneering role in this domain, as it was the first company to operate a wheelchair accessible tour bus on the Luxembourgish market.

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